About Ryan

Ryan is a Financial Advisor that works primarily with medical professionals. Over the last decade he has noticed a significant increase in the amount of student debt carried by these professionals.

A variety of government repayment programs and aggressive marketing from private lenders has made an already tough situation even more complex.

The demand for help has become so great that Ryan has branched out from his financial advising role and created a separate company that strictly consults on student loans and the best way to repay them. The last 10 years of working with young medical professionals has uniquely prepared him for this unprecedented situation.

Ryan also writes for the blog of the American Student Association and frequently speaks at their events helping students understand how to manage their financial life.

Ryan has spent his life living in the mountains of Central California and the beaches of Orange County.

He spent his early years living near Yosemite, went to high school in Irvine and graduated from Biola University with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Biblical Studies. He lived in Huntington Beach up until 2014 when he and his family moved to the mountains of Central California to a home on a few acres of land to which they affectionately refer to as the The Schulte Farm. It is now home to 2 pigs, 2 dogs, 45 chickens and whole host of wild animals. Sightings include foxes, opossums, raccoons, skunks, turkey, deer and a particularly destructive bear.

Ryan married his Wife Tracy in 2006 and together they have 5 boys- Bairyk, Maddox, Hawxen, Gryffin, and Yukon. There is never a dull moment in the Schulte house. In conjunction with a local charter school Tracy educates the boys at home. Rumor has it that she has been nominated for sainthood.

When not helping his clients figure out their student loans, Ryan can be found doing a variety of other things. With 5 boys you may find him at the athletic fields. With a particular love for baseball, he coaches in the spring. In addition to coaching youth, he plays on a softball team. He also plays soccer in the winter. The Schulte family loves to spend time in the outdoors doing such things as hiking, kayaking and camping. He also has a penchant for American whiskey.

One of the reasons Ryan and his family moved to the mountains in 2014 was to help give back to the community in which he grew up. 

Ryan is a board member on the North Fork Community Development Council. The council was formed to take ownership and management of a 125 acre lot that was once a thriving lumber mill. Some parts of the mill are still there and in a few cases are still in use. His office is located in what used to be the main offices of the lumber mill. The Council has recently broke ground on a state of the art Biomass Energy facility. In addition, Ryan is leading a team and working with a developer to bring a housing development to the former mill site that will hopefully make home ownership available to greater number of people in the area.

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